Wind Energy Transport specializes in the transportation and logistics operations of moving the heaviest and largest loads on the road.

We have the equipment and knowledge to manage large project from beginning to end. While our expertise is in oversize and overweight, we handle all types of freight on the market.

Our Equipment is based in CA & TX, and we operate across the United States & Canada.

Our company assets are ideal for transporting oversize and overweight freight that is longer, wider, and taller than the normal footprint.Common freight types include Large EV Batteries, Transformers, Oversize Machinery, Building Equipment, Compressors, Generators, Air Handlers, Switchgear Buildings, Substations, and Military Equipment. We also transport long wheel base vehicles such as pump trucks, fire trucks and truck cranes of all sizes. As our name implies, we transport all components of wind turbines including Blades, Nacelles, Hubs and Tower sections across the U.S. and Canada.

We possess the capability to develop specific equipment for moving your overweight and over dimensional freight with precise and strategic results, while performing our duties in a safe and efficient manner.

The TeleMAX is a 3 to 4-axle flatdeck semi-trailer that is extendable up to four times to a maximum overall length of 210 ft. Due to its extendable loading platform, the TeleMAX flatdeck semi-trailer is optimally suitable for the transport of particularly long loads.

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Loads up to 250ft / 75m long

Load weights up to 260,000 pounds

Steerable Trailers

Steerable Dollies

Perimeter Trailers

Low loading deck heights for additional cargo height

Construction and Agricultural Equipment


Wind Energy Components 

Wind Turbines, Towers and Blades


Oil and Gas Production Components 

Electrical Switchgear, Battery and Control Buildings 

Mining Equipment

Chillers and Rotors

Air Handlers

LNG Production Components   

Pressure and Ethanol Vessels



Storage Tanks

Drill Rigs 

Virtually Anything We Can Get on a Trailer